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We always ensure clean gutters!

A garden with trees is something beautiful. But the leaves in particular can quickly become a major problem, namely for the existing roof drainage. Especially if you don’t do regular gutter cleaning in your terraced house . All rainwater that accumulates on a roof is channeled over the roof surface into the gutter and from there drained into the wastewater via the downpipe. However, dirt, such as that which can arise from leaves on trees or from moss on the roof surface, can significantly hinder the drainage of rainwater. There are many ways in which a gutter or existing downspout screens can become dirty over time.

Possible consequences of a dirty gutter

The obstruction in the drainage of rainwater can lead to the gutter overflowing or blockages in the downpipe if there is no downpipe strainer. You should prevent a gutter from overflowing because, depending on how dirty the water is, this can quickly leave lasting marks on the house facade. In addition, depending on the roof construction, the water can also run into it and cause water ingress or unsightly water stains on the roof overhang. And if there is no downpipe strainer, dirt can of course get stuck in the downpipe over time and cause a blockage. In such a case, laborious dismantling of the downpipe and cleaning would be necessary. In addition, the dirt and the associated water buildup can lead to damage to the gutter over time. The only way to prevent all of this is to clean the gutters in your terraced house. We have a very special package on offer, especially for owners of a terraced house where roof drainage is often shared with neighbors.

Affordable gutter cleaning terraced house

As you can see from the possible consequences of not cleaning the gutters in a terraced house , these can quickly result in high costs. If you want to repair the damage. Gutter cleaning is often omitted because of the cost. But this assumption of high costs for gutter cleaning is often wrong, especially with our offer. We offer professional terraced house gutter cleaning at a reasonable flat rate. For gutter cleaning in a terraced house, this flat rate includes not only the cleaning of the gutter, but also the cleaning of any downpipe screens that may be present, the disposal of all dirt from the gutter and downpipes and ultimately also the journey. Even for customers who only have a small terraced house, our offer of a terraced house gutter cleaning service is worthwhile. It goes without saying that we come with all the necessary work materials that we need for gutter cleaning in a terraced house. From cleaning tools to suitable ladders to get to the gutter.


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